UNTWIST is a trauma informed care tool designed to facilitate meaningful connection and communication with displaced children, especially adolescents aged 10 to 17 years.

The images, text and interactive elements used in the book have been carefully chosen to enhance opportunities for conversation with displaced young people.

You may like to provide colour pencils, glitter pens or a special pen for the child to use with the book. An iPad, tablet or smart phone would also be useful to make further connections online, if available.

Before you begin:

Wait for the right time. Make sure they are relaxed; not hungry, thirsty or overtired.

Know the book and its images (ie, read it first!).

When reading the book, sit next to the child rather than across, and keep eye contact to a minimum — this is less confronting for them.

Let them turn the pages and allow them to talk first. Silences are ok!

Be emotionally available and present, but don’t press them to talk.

If the child reveals an emotion or experience, connect with them: ‘Gee, that must have been so scary… That must have been hard for you.’

Remember, reading this book with a child always provides a different journey — Untwist is a vehicle for you to make a connection.

The guide below provides more tips on using this book to connect with a young person in need.

Click Here To Download The Guide