My career in Education and Out of Home Care, found me working alongside incredible people supporting children and families through difficult times. Working with youth mental health, I was surprised by the small number of  resources that were available to support my work. Most had a real 'checklist' and  formal feel that youth struggled to engage with.
My experience and research in supporting youth mental health consistently pointed to building valued and trusted relationships and the merits of therapy, art, music, dance and mindfulness. It made sense. There were lots of great programs and initiatives working with youth but the resources to support them were scarce.
Fast forward...with the help of some graphic designers and my kitchen bench, this little book UNTWIST was published.  Littered throughout UNTWIST are contemporary and engaging images designed to  prompt a young person to think about the things that make them feel good and focus on positive aspects of their life and what they can to move closer to their goals. A caseworker Jess commented, " This book has really helped steer conversations and get kids talking. Some teens are reluctant to talk but the images always seem to spark something in them and break the ice".
UNTWIST is designed to offer a contemporary and non confrontational way to start a conversation and make a connection.